Bowen Easter Camp

Hello everyone, this is Bowen Education and we have partnered with the Manchester Government for the Easter Camp. The students came from different families, different ethnicities, and different cultural backgrounds and we were delighted to see children from different cultures meet and become friends at the camp.

During this Easter camp we set up Chinese Kung Fu and music and dance classes for the children to enrich their sensory system and to enjoy the music and dance, they were able to move their bodies and exercise themselves.

Matt's Chinese Kung Fu Class!

I want to be a strong little girl!

Be careful:

Kung Fu is about protecting yourself, not hurting others!

look at my greatness!

Helen and Ella's Dancing class!

Dance with whoever is pointed at you!

Awww! Your turn!

We also offer craft classes and drama classes. Students took part in arts and crafts classes, which the children thoroughly enjoyed and were proud of their own creations in the end. In addition, the children took drama classes, where they had great fun immersing themselves in their roles, engaging their imaginations, and expressing their creativity.

Handmade dragon crafts!

Look at my little fish!

We also added a nutrition lesson to teach the children about diet and healthy eating so that they can develop better eating habits in their future lives.

For our strong body, we should eat more fruits and vegetables!