Catherine Zhu

Head of Activities and Teacher

Mrs Catherine Zhu is Head of Activities and Teacher at the school. She graduated from the Economic School of Shandong University and obtained a Masters degree in MSc Banking and Finance in the UK. She is currently working in Rhino Peak Ltd. as the Marketing Manager.​

She has experienced British education and also the Chinese NCEE (National College Entrance Examination). She is keen therefore to integrate the best practices of both English and Chinese education for the benefit of the students at the school.​ 

Mrs Zhu enjoys education and is committed to its aims. She is amiable and approachable and loves children. She believes that as well as academic ability, being interested and having the right stimulus are incentives for learning.  In support of this, she believes that a child’s enjoyment and appreciation of things like music and aesthetics will encourage the learning process. She also recognises the importance of social values. She is well appreciated by students and their parents alike.

Mrs Zhu is also enthusiastic in promoting oriental culture and increasing awareness of it within and beyond the community. She used to be a Chinese teacher in a Chinese charity school in the UK. She is devoting her heart to creating a high quality Chinese school for children in the UK.

Jenny Mei

Register Officer and Coordinator for Beginners

Ms Jenny is the Register Officer and Coordinator for Beginners at the school. She has many years’ experience in early childhood education. She used to be a trainer and English lecturer for a chain kindergarten in Guizhou Province. She obtained the US Positive Discipline Parent Qualification Certificate and Lecturer Certificate in 2015. Whilst in the US she was invited by Gymboree Early Education Centre, a well-known early education institution, to participate in sharing and lectures in childcare salons. Participated in the Red Sailing Reading Charity Activities of Guizhou Province many times. She has also visited schools in poor remote areas to provide lessons for children and has also donated story books for charity. She has more than 10 year’s Chinese teaching experience in the UK.

Ms Jenny is capable and conscientious and has the dedication and necessary life-skills that are an important asset to the school.  She is good-natured and friendly and has excellent communication skills too. She is very fond of children and takes a keen interest in their development and enjoys studying their behaviour and psychology. This enables her to understand their nature and their needs. All children of course are unique individuals, with different needs. Some, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds have social or emotional needs, or may have even suffered abuse. In these circumstances Ms Jenny can provide the best outcomes for them, offering comfort and support and giving the children the confidence and self-belief to move forward and develop their minds positively.

Ella An.

Dance / Chinese Teacher

Graduated from Guangxi Normal University

Has a Level 2 Certificate in Mandarin and Kindergarten Director Certificate. And a China Dancers Association Examination Teacher.

Ms Ella has 12 years of teaching experience specialising in teaching Chinese and Chinese dance, folk dance and ballet to children aged 4-6.

Ms ella has a lively and fun teaching style and can quickly become a good friend to the children, allowing them to learn dance in a happy atmosphere.

Helen Umoh

Computer Teacher 

Helen Umoh graduated from The University of Greenwich, London, and obtained PGCE in Bolton University. An Information System specialist with interest in programming and data analytics. Before coming to the United Kingdom, Helen was practicing Air Traffic Control and Management in Nigeria for twelve years and briefly with the International Civil Aviation Organisation, Canada. Helen has worked in mentoring and teaching roles in London and Manchester. Helen’s fundamental principle is using digital technology to stimulate and shape young minds for the challenges of the future. She has passion for children and believes that helping children fulfil their potentials in life is the best rewarding job she can think of.

Crystal Zhu

Chess Coach

As an experienced Chess Coach, Crystal’s main role is that of Chess Co-ordinator. She is polite and professional and has developed strong teaching skills in all areas. She has good communication skills and the ability to build solid relationships with both children and parents. This ability has been crucial to the success of students of all ages and is reflected in the various achievements by them. She is very computer literate and has a broad knowledge of online chess platforms and chess database software. 

Chess Achievements:

  • National Master since 2001

  • ECF rating 173 

  • Winner - Newport Major 2007  &  Blackpool Major 2007

  • Winner - South Lake Major 2010

  • Winner - ECF Grand Prix 165-171 champion 2019  &  Heywood Major 2019  &  Golders Green Rapidplay Major 2019

  • Winner - Women’s 4NCL Third Place

Coaching experience:

  • 2006-2010 Worked as a Chess coach in Wales, London and Manchester

  • 2017 Chess Coach at Oldham 3Cs Chess Club. Students won various prestigious tournaments such as UKCC Megafinal and Gigafinal, EPSCA Rapidplay and Northern Junior Chess Championship. One student won British Championship and ECF Grand Prix Champion title. Several students were selected by the England Junior Squad.

Helen Shi

Senior Administrator

Helen, who is Senior Administrator at the school, graduated from the University of Manchester majoring in management. During her undergraduate study, she discovered her passion for education and recognised the appeal of teachers and students at home and abroad. Whilst at university she seized every opportunity to work as a teaching assistant. Some of the providers for this were New Oriental Education, Shinyway Education, Unicorn Education, and Bonbon English summer camp.

​Helen has had contact with students from grade one of primary school to senior students of university. She has experience in interacting with students of different ages and ability. She is highly appreciated by teachers and is loved by students in many schools for her conscientious and responsible work. During her study at the University of Manchester, she also served as a part-time Chinese teaching assistant at Wenlu Chinese School in Manchester at weekends. Here she felt the enthusiasm that the children had for learning Chinese and was profoundly moved by this. It inspired her to want the best for the children in helping them develop and improve. And Helen gets much pleasure and satisfaction herself in seeing the progress which children make with their learning. 

Harrison Kersey

Spanish / French / Chinese teacher

Mr. Kersey graduated from the University of Manchester and he is a PGCE qualified teacher. 

A key principle of Mr. Kersey’s language teaching is to make the learning process enjoyable, while still ensuring a high standard of academic attainment. With a friendly yet firm classroom manner, Mr. Kersey aims to help pupils to maximise their academic potential through fun but challenging exercises. Drawing on his own experiences as a language learner, he can relate to the difficulties experienced by pupils and explain difficult points in an easily understandable way.

Katie Wong

Curriculum Coordinator

Mrs. Wang is a PGCE qualified teacher have over ten years Chinese teaching experience. She designed and delivered tailored lessons for all ages and all levels, from children to GCSE students, and from tourists to professionals. Our fun and interactive lessons are not only about learning the language, but also for gaining a greater understanding of Chinese culture.

She believe that interests and habits are the two best ways to learn Mandarin. Her job is more about bring interests to my students, and to help them building up the habits to use Mandarin. Most of her students found that learning Mandarin is neither a hard nor a boring experience. They found it is an enjoyable activity that they could easily adopt it in their lives.

Out of her interests and love to education, she did the Teaching Assistant course in 2012 and worked in a primary school as a part time teaching assistant between 2012 and 2015. She gained experiences of working with children in the school and of teaching Mandarin to children in the after-school club.

We do not have to be the largest, but we will be the best Chinese school for our students, where they could have the benefits from comprehensive curriculums and interesting learning experience. Looking forward to seeing you at Bowen Chinese School.

Andrew Toft Photo.jpg
Andrew Toft

Mathematics / English Teacher

Andrew has many years full time teaching experience in several schools within the education authority of Stockport. He has taught across Key Stage Two delivering the core subjects of English, Maths and Science but also teaching other non-core subjects. For several years he taught within the State System but more recently moved into the Independent Sector. Here the primary objective is to prepare children for entry into the independent senior schools.  Much of the teaching focus is therefore directed towards Maths and English and preparing for the examination process.

​Andrew has also been a private tutor for several years, often working within the Chinese community. He has had continued success with his teaching, enabling many children to successfully progress and gain entry into the grammar and independent senior schools.

Whilst recognising that English and Maths are essential, he believes however that every child needs a broad and balanced curriculum.  Providing children with the awareness of the wider world is fundamental to their development. Andrew himself has many wide ranging interests and is keen for children to benefit from this knowledge. Arousing a child’s interest in these other areas, particularly Science, improves their learning sphere. Indeed, many topics for his English teaching are based on Science themes.

As well as subject knowledge, there are many other qualities that a successful teacher needs. Andrew believes very strongly that being able to motivate and inspire children is important for optimum teaching and learning to take place. Paramount too is the ability to communicate and explain things in a clear and effective way. Recognising any doubts or misgivings which a child might have is also crucial to their progress. He is aware too of the importance of proper social and ethical values in the child, and that developing these is key to producing a better person.

A good relationship therefore needs to exist between teacher and child. A relationship built on trust and respect. This enables the child to feel confident and assured.  And of course, teaching and learning must be constructive and enjoyable too.  A child who wants to learn is a child who will learn.