School Profile

Bowen Education is located in Manchester, which was founded in 2020. The school's philosophy is to "Blend Chinese and Western cultures to nurture international talent". The school has a team of professional teachers with moral character. Chinese language teaching is the core of the school, which is focuses on students' five skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. In addition to Chinese, the school offers courses in French, Spanish, Japanese and other languages. The school has a range of tutorial courses including GCSE, A-level, HSK, Oxford and Cambridge interview training, and sport clubs such as Chinese dance, Chinese Kong fu and netball. The school organises regular visits to museums, universities and factories. The school has Bowen Charity, which works with students to do community service and contribute to the community. Bowen also invites talented people from different fields to give free lessons to children and parents on topics such as education, property, law and taxation, helping the Chinese to gain the latest knowledge and information.

School Purpose

The goal of Bowen Education is to build a brand of "Elite Education" and to improve student's language skills, logical thinking skills, ability to cope with setbacks, and self-confidence.

While having a high-quality and complete Chinese language teaching system, Bowen Education also focuses on providing children with Chinese culture. We want children growing up in a quality British environment to be fully aware of their own national identity and to integrate the best of Eastern and Western cultures. We want our children to embrace cultural diversity and pluralism and to live in harmony with it.


Our Team

Each teacher at Bowen has advanced theoretical knowledge and professional teaching experience. The school's teaching team is made up of teachers who have specialized in Chinese language education in the UK for many years and are responsible for controlling the quality of teaching. Every teacher at Bowen is highly qualified and of good character, and they all have a great love for children.[...]


Bowen Education works closely and happily with the UK community. We have had successful and enjoyable projects with Manchester City Council, Bolton University, Bolton School and Manchester High School for Girls. Bowen Education is also a PGCE Training School for the British Teachers' Qualification. Teachers from Bowen Education have achieved high credit score and competence.